Within this wondrous city of ours we are surrounded by an abundance of canine personalities. This website profiles the hounds that inspire us with their loyalty, love and quirky behaviours.

If you have a dog that you think deserves profiling then please send in their pic with details on some of their unique traits.



Our dogs Rocket and Molly have opened our family’s hearts with more love and fun than we could have imagined. When we take them out we meet lots of other lovely dogs and their owners. We share stories and this connects us to our community. This website and our Facebook and Instagram pages are a mother-daughter initiative to take that community connection further and ensure greater sharing of good news stories that can soothe souls and inspire smiles.


On this blog we will be posting stories about the dogs that we share our city with. On occasion we may also share other posts that we feel could inspire or inform other dog lovers


Please get in touch if you would like to share your dog story with us. We’d love to profile as many dog stories as possible.